Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the two golf courses at Martin Downs Golf Club?

Martin Downs Golf Club is home to two courses Osprey Creek and Banyan Creek (formerly known as Crane Creek).

Osprey Creek: If you’ve played golf at the Club in the past ten years, then you were playing on the Osprey Creek course, because Crane Creek closed over ten years ago.

Osprey Creek has been both a private club and a semi-private club. However, beginning November 1, 2017, we will be a fully public course and will no longer be offering memberships.

Banyan Creek: In 2014, a major renovation began on what is now called the Banyan Creek Golf Club.

Banyan Creek is not your typical Florida golf course. Breathtaking views of tree-lined fairways and majestic creeks surround the course. Old oak trees and beautiful banyans create a southern charm, as if you were golfing in the Carolinas.

Banyan Creek Golf Club is a fully private club. To learn more about membership options, please visit

Can I use my personal golf cart at Osprey Creek?

Yes! You are welcome to use your own cart when you play at Osprey Creek.

To use your own cart, please be sure you meet the criteria below:

  1. Pay a one-time administrative sticker fee of $50 (you can pay this at the pro shop).
  2. Provide a valid, up-to date copy of your insurance with Martin Downs Golf Club listed on the policy.
  3. Sign a waiver for Martin Downs Golf Club employees to install the approved cart sticker on your privately-owned cart

Does Osprey Creek offer charging privileges so I don’t have to bring my credit card each time I play?

Yes! We want to make your experience at Osprey Creek as comfortable as possible.

Charging privileges gives you the convenience of making golf purchases at the proshop quick and easy. All you have to do is provide us with your credit card information, which will be stored in our secure database. Each time you want to make a purchase in the proshop, you simply provide your name and we will charge your account. A monthly statement will be mailed to you on the 1st of the month. Please note, charging privileges are only authorized for golf purposes only, this does not apply for food and beverage purchases.

How far in advance can I book a tee time?

Individuals and groups are able to reserve tee times 7 days in advance.

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